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A case study: the Iron Gates Old and new viewpoints Helminth definition plural parasites comme marqueurs de la vie des populations anciennes Among his many publications were the ground-breaking volumes written with Chris Tilley, Re-constructing Archaeology and Social Theory in Archaeology, both published in Douglass Bailey: If someone asks you what an archaeologist does, what would you say?

Michael Shanks: I would say that an archaeologist works on what is left of the past, and explores what might be done with the past in the present. DWB: So what should archaeologists be doing, especially if they were working in a nonwestern tradition, helminth definition plural example in small regional museums?

MS: We all have local conditions, and we helminth definition plural all learn from each other. The opportunities for international exchange of ideas for international alliance are better than ever they have been.

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The learning process is easier than ever, though that is not to say that it is easy. I am very interested in exploring the potential of new media for developing precisely this kind of exchange. DWB: You have created an archaeological lab for media at Stanford. What is this all MS: Why an archaeological lab devoted to new media? You can find labs mission statement on the web.

This involves processes of transformation or helminth definition plural often into media. So imaging, writing, documentation, publication are at the heart of archaeology. New media are throwing light on old analog media. New media are so fast-changing and so centred on fungibility i.

It is crucial for archaeologists to ask, how do we represent the past? For example I run a class on all this called archaeography. Here is a way of working on just that without rehearsing helminth definition plural the important, though well-worn, themes helminth definition plural nationalism and identity. The second crucial reason for connecting archaeology with new media is their fundamental bases in database design, structure, and management. Douglass W. The boundaries relate helminth definition plural those of the discipline, orthodoxy and how we negotiate it i.

And yes, this is precisely to do with the radical insight that archaeologists WORK on helminth definition plural is left of the past, to MAKE all sorts of things in discursive structures : things like papers, helminth definition plural, narratives, exhibitions, classes, web sites, museums, collections. So the boundaries are to do with our savviness, and our tactical and strategic goals with respect to the currency of the past in the present.

It matters because it is here and now. DWB: Where did all of this come from? What was going on in the Archaeology Department at Cambridge when you were there? MS: Chris Tilley and I shared a disappointment with archaeology when we were at Cambridge in the late s and s. How could archaeology be serious about reconstructing past societies on the helminth definition plural of material remains, when there was so little critical insight into the way society, culture and material goods work with and against people.

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We wanted archaeologists to engage in serious social science and humanities research on the basis of a good conceptual tool helminth definition plural.

Our books Re-constructing Archaeology and Social Theory in Archaeology Shanks and Tilley a, b were written to that end: to build a tool kit for thoughtful archaeology. Other people called this theory.

helminth definition plural

From the helminth definition plural, we were both primarily engaged in empirical archaeology, though yes, the gatekeepers did their best helminth definition plural keep us out: Antiviral cream for hpv is abstract theory and not real archaeology"; "This is irrelevant"; "We did all this 10 years ago"; "You are just like every graduate student - angry and wanting to build a career"; "We did all this but had the good manners to keep quiet and not publish it"; "We are already doing all this"; Oh, it is alright for you, you come from an elite University or school.

In fact, these are comments made to me about what I had to say about new media after a seminar I gave last month in northern Europe! It is an old, recognized, and common experience of paradigms in Kuhn's senseas well as a crucial point, that debate in academia is not helminth definition plural about winning arguments and persuading people often not even minimally. It is also a point about helminth definition plural importance of patronage and intellectual communities.

Academic debate is not about these things, rather it is about careers and cliques, telling stories about oneself and one's community or how one sees oneselfposturing and identity. The concept of performativity is so relevant here: it's not what you say but the way you say it.

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None of this is to say that there is anemie 1 mois de grossesse great integrity and value in the academy as well, just that we should be savvy about what goes on and why. This is one helminth definition plural the reasons why I came to the United States. Why did you move from the UK to the US? Squamous papillomas Changes in the European academy mean that better opportunities for thoughtful archaeology as I have defined it appear, currently, in the US.

It is also, of course about resources. MS: This is an interesting question - where does archaeology rest easy? And this is a reason why I use the word academy rather than university. I want, a priori, to connect the academic and the professional. I am very attached to the notion of the public sphere. Again, this is why I emphasize academic production. One route opening up for many is that of digital representation: representation taking in publication and also citizenship political affiliation, mobilization, representation old issues thrown into relief by digital media.

Many examples are possible here. We are running a workshop in digital citizenship later in the year looking at the bottom-up organization of ideas and publication and the perceived threats of all this: DRM, IP, Creative Commons and monopoly control, even terrorist threats. MS: The response was not very pleasant or encouraging.

We managed to break into academic publishing from the outside as it were. Chris helminth definition plural a Post-doctoral Fellowship at Cambridge at the time, and I was an independent, living in the northeast of England, teaching Classical Languages in a high school. The response to the books was vitriolic. Most people were horrified that they had been published. Really, they were very unpleasantly honest about telling us what they thought.

Renfrew never challenged us and there was an understandable attitude among publishers helminth definition plural any publicity is good publicity.

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Few criticized our scholarship. Instead they found fault because we mingled science with politics and business. We argued that archaeology is primarily about our relationship with the past. Archaeology helminth definition plural not about the past so much as where we come from.

This makes it ethically and politically important to people, because helminth definition plural past is often where we look for roots and a sense of self and identity. Here we were connecting archaeology with the growing heritage industry and arguing that archaeological scientists do not have an overriding claim on the past.

Archaeology is just another part of a growing interest in the material past that also includes commercial, state, and personal interests in tourism and collection, for example.

It is a powerful claim to want to build scientific knowledge helminth definition plural the past, but not one to be pursued to the exclusion of other interests. In arguing that archaeologists should helminth definition plural seriously their responsibilities to contemporary society, we were seen as political pundits rather than disinterested scientists.

But we were proved to be spot-on in our diagnosis of archaeology.

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Since the s, legislation has been introduced around the world to ensure respect for plural and different interests in the past. In the United States, for example, Native American spiritual claims on the remains of the past now have to be respected.

Heritage is seen as a human right. Cultural tourism, focusing on helminth definition plural and archaeological sites, has become a massive economic sector. We were laying the intellectual ground for understanding these changes. People found fault because we went against anthropological orthodoxy.

We criticized ideas of cultural evolution i. This has been the main anthropological view of human history for two centuries. Instead, we built our ideas on a broader base of social theory and philosophy.

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The result, only achieved after some twenty years of further Douglass W. BAILEY research, is a picture of the main events in human history which is quite different from the old orthodoxy 4. People found fault with us because we proposed another, more helminth definition plural, model of the past that includes intangibles like the way people think. In place of orthodox cultural evolution we developed what I call an archaeology of mind that sees a major helminth definition plural in long-term history for cultural factors such as spirituality, ritual, cult, ideology, and senses of identity, while nevertheless emphasizing, as an archaeology, the helminth definition plural of people's helminth definition plural with things.

This actually amounts to a different model of human nature. They found fault because we argued for a new interdisciplinary field centred upon material culture and design. We argued that what people do with things often tells you more than what people say. Nobody had noticed that beer cans were different in Sweden and the United Kingdom; and that they had to be different. We connected beer can design with all kinds of attitudes towards helminth definition plural in the UK and Sweden in the s, and even came up with an explanation for why the helminth definition plural of cans, and what is written on them, differ in the two countries.

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Studying the cans led us into unspoken assumptions about two very different cultures of drink. But the argument was much bigger: that, in spite of our contemporary obsession with goods, helminth definition plural was actually hpv treatment medicine discipline that dealt with understanding things. Twenty years later we have design studies, material culture studies, cognitive science, HCI human-computer interactionand even garbology archaeologists digging up land-fill sites in order to understand contemporary society.

DWB: What is your new book about? MS: The Origins book still has no final title. It is a project to take the long-term view.

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Something only archaeologists can do: take the long-term view on things that matter to us now, like social innovation and change, like core human values where they come from and helminth definition plural they have evolvedlike life in cities, like empire and power. Archaeologists have been so reluctant to deal with such questions though there have been notable and brave exceptions. I think it is our duty, as critical academics, to attempt to address these issues.

Thus, we clearly see now that farming is less an economic change than something to do with architecture, home and the domestic, relations with other species, and spirituality. The economic impact came later than did the significant changes - villages, shrines, inter-species affiliations.

DWB: What advice would you give to archaeologists or cultural producers, to use your phrase who want to make a difference in the ways that their disciplines work? MS: I would suggest some tactics. Helminth definition plural people sticking together can bring about colossal change. Let others exclude themselves helminth definition plural what it is you are doing.

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That can sound exclusive. Instead, call it thoughtful archaeology because everyone wants to be thoughtful.

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This is not what the university is about. Old ideas are won over not by strength of argument but because of far simpler reasons; their champions are out-manoeuvred or simply retire and die. Be more scientific than the scientists. Helminth definition plural is at the core of the Archaeology Media Lab here at Stanford: doing as thinking, thoughtful practice as research.

We only ever come to realize how little we know. I am much more comfortable now in saying that I write, teach, and have helminth definition plural questions I think are wonderful to explore. MS: Archaeologists deal in certain relationships with place, senses of place and belonging, and the presence of the past in particular locales, and cultural ecologies that interweave different facets of people's inhabitation of the land. Landscape archaeology has grown out of historical geography and environmental archaeology as part of an interest in dealing with such an archaeological theme or sensibility.

I have been concerned that this is somewhat narrow and uncritical.

helminth definition plural

For example, most landscape archaeology is quite blissfully ignorant of the way the notion of landscape has developed from its origins in a northern European attitude towards property and development, the attitude that found a connection with an aesthetic of place, and one that involves certain performative relationships with place and space.

The aesthetic critique and performative component of landscape archaeology is one reason why I found working with Mike Pearson so fruitful. It has led to a series of works that seek a way of dealing with archaeological places that is rigorously empirical, founded in critique i.

One current topic of mine is to understand our archaeological sensibility of place helminth definition helminth definition plural relation to this cultural genealogy, in relation to the seventeenth and eighteenth century genre of landscape, and also helminth definition plural relation to those other genres concurrent with rationalization and modernity from the seventeenth century on the topographic tradition and its descendence through to contemporary human geography.

Into this fits chorography: an old genre of descriptive topography that subsumed geography, archaeology, mapping, travel writing, placename study, and natural history.

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Mike Helminth definition plural has just completed a chorography of Lincolnshire. Mike and I call all this deep mapping. Deep mapping is an old tradition in European Antiquarianism of writing on the land. Deep mapping refers to the temporal and historiographical character of chorography. It reflects eighteenth century Antiquarian approaches to place, which included history, folklore, natural history and hearsay. The deep map attempts to record and represent the grain and patina of place through juxtapositions and interpenetrations of the historical and the contemporary, the political and the poetic, the discursive and the sensual; the conflation of oral testimony, anthology, memoir, biography, natural history and everything you might ever want to say about a place see more in Pearson and Shanks And, Helminth definition plural am now discovering, that it goes back to the post-Renaissance consolidation helminth definition plural scholarly interest in history and geography as well as to the definition of the emerging nation Douglass W.

Crucially, thinking in these ways maintains our reflexive and critical awareness of the deep history of contemporary issues in archaeology. I am finding that a methodology that is rigorously empirical and attentive to cultural ecology i. DWB: A final question. Are you familiar with the BBCs programme Desert Island Discs, in which interviewees are asked to select music, books and a luxury that they would take with them if they were marooned on their own on a desert island?