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Ieri la The cats out of the bag By nature, cats are independent and territorial.

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They need to be in control testicular cancer quick facts their surroundings and are therefore very sensitive to new ones. Their unique nature and needs have always influenced our approach when treating your cat but we felt we could do more in the waiting and consult room.

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When you arrive in clinic with your cat, you will be directed straight into the cat consult room. Anxiety and stress will be heightened testicular cancer quick facts cats are placed next to, or have eye contact with, fellow felines and dogs. Our consult room has waiting area facilities to accommodate testicular cancer quick facts these needs but also allow your cat to acclimatise to the situation.

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While waiting testicular cancer quick facts encourage you to allow your cat roam the room and explore our scratching pole, climbing shelf and hidden toys. Should they get thirsty after adventuring we have a feline water fountain with fresh flowing water.

Our room is equipped with Feliway diffusers which releases calming pheremones to further help your pet feel at ease. And most important of all we have Felix goodie bag treats because Check other hiding places such as wheel arches.

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