Rectal cancer pictures.

rectal cancer pictures

An:Nr. For this reason, the operability assessment in pelvic tumors require restoration of the anatomical relationships between the pelvic organs, trying to identify a dissection plane to allow tumor mobilization.

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Furthermore, the degree of ureter invasion and adjacent anatomical structures must be assessed and the vascular pedicles must be identified which will impose or not multivisceral resections. The aim of the study is to demonstrate using rectal cancer pictures dissection images taken during tumor ablation that each operator step has a corresponding anatomical landmark.

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We used intraoperative pictures from a group of patients with invasive uterine cervix cancer into the bladder and rectum, invasive rectal cancer and recurrent pelvic tumor with loco-regional invasion who underwent radical resection or total pelvectomy. Identifying anatomical landmarks allows the oncology surgeon to rectal cancer pictures tumor under control of vascular pedicles, to appreciate the anatomical adjacent structures that will be excised en bloc with tumor, and ultimately rectal cancer pictures achieve urinary and digestive rectal cancer pictures with good functional results.

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In conclusion, this type of rectal cancer pictures pelvic tumor surgery requires detailed knowledge of pelvic anatomy.