Gastric cancer variant, JCM Vol.3 (6) No. 4, – MÆDICA – a Journal of Clinical Medicine

An immunophenotype- based molecular classification of gastric carcinomas.

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Published in Acta medica marisiensis. Oral presentation. Unusual metastatic behavior of colon cancer.

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Ruxandra Maria Ilie, R. Stefan- van Staden, Determination of L- tryptophan in whole blood samples using a new electrochemical sensor, U.

Rom J Morphol Embryol ; 58 4 : Article En MEDLINE ID: mdl AIM: The purpose of our study was to assess the cognitive performance in patients with primitive brain tumors and to analyze the cognitive status of these patients, correlated with histological type of brain tumors. According to the histological type of tumors, the patients were classified into three groups: Group A included 22 patients with meningioma, Group Gastric cancer variant composed of 16 patients diagnosed with glioblastoma, and Group C including 14 patients diagnosed with diffuse astrocytoma. Neurological examination, neuroimaging assessment [computed tomography CT or magnetic resonance imaging MRI for skulls] to diagnose primitive brain tumors, then the confirmation of clinical and histopathological diagnoses gastric cancer variant performed for these patients.

IF- 0. Pathology Research Practice.

Gastric Cancer (Stomach Adenocarcinomas, Lymphomas, GISTs And Carcinoids)

DOI: ISSN Gastrointestinal mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinoma MANEC : an immunohistochemistry study of 13 microsatellite stable cases. Pathol Res Pract BioMed Research International Primary gastric choriocarcinoma - a rare and aggressive tumor with multilineage differentiation: A case report.

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World Journal of Clinical Cases Invited manuscript Gastrointestinal carcinoma with plasmacytoid morphology: positivity for c- MET, arylsulfatases and markers of epithelial- mesenchymal transition, as indicators of gastric cancer variant. Journal of Oncology ; ISBN: Arylsulfatases A and B: from normal tissues to malignant tumors.

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Bara T Jr. Hernia Sentinel node biospy using intravital blue dye: an useful technique for identification of skip metastases in gastric cancer.

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Gastric cancer variant Baltimore. WOS Gastric cancer variant expression of maspin — from normal tissue to gastric cancer variant cells.

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World Journal of Meta- analysis Indexed by Emerging Sources Citation Index web of sciencewithout impact factor. Invited manuscript Chapter in book published in 1.

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Gurzu S, Jung I. Advances in Medicine and Biology.

Simona DIMA vineri, 30 aprilie Termenul de medicină personalizată a fost folosit pentru prima dată, în sensul cunoscut şi astăzi, în urmă cu peste 10 ani. Ceea ce este foarte important şi cu o utilitate clinică foarte mare este ca aceşti factori să poată indica riscul de tumoră reziduală şi să indice necesitatea unor tratamente adiţionale. Integrarea ştiinţelor fundamentale, clinice, translaţionale poziţionează farmacologia clinică la intersecţia dintre pacient, gastric cancer variant şi populaţie.