Gastric cancer biomarkers a systems biology approach, Supliment II JTMR | Proteomics | Biomarker

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In the last decade in Romania diagnosis b80 enterobiasis interest for the biogenic methane has increased constantly and the most important discovery, with reserves that can cover the entire needs for methane of Romania for years, is methane of biogenic origin.

This finding of biogenic methane is in the Domino geological structure, offshore Black Sea, in the Romanian economic exclusive zone.

Keynote Lecture 1: Unraveling the taxonomy in gastric cancer

The present research program, uBioGas, by its 3 projects: 10 Plio-Quaternary geological structures favorable to the generation and accumulation of biogenic methane in the Romanian zone at the Black Sea; 2 Determination of bio-geochemical parameters associated to the geological structures evidenced in the project 1requested for 1D modelling of the methane generation processes and development of analogies regarding the generation and accumulation processes that take place in gastric cancer biomarkers a systems biology approach Plio-Quaternary pile of sediments.

The projects valorize the available Romanian research infrastructure, but will also contributes to the further development of it, by adding new equipments and updates to the ones needed to perform the researches, in accordance with the global developments, including the training of researchers in using the new technologies.

gastric cancer biomarkers a systems biology approach